Monday, April 30, 2012

"You are young the world seems so beautiful, so free, so much full. There are possibilities, you can be anything you want, go anywhere you want, its all at your door step. The familiar roads seem good but are just a path on to further roads, the huge world out there the unexplained possibilities. You feel you are in a cocoon, its nice warm, safe, comfortable but maybe a little bore. You want to finish it break out go out on the world. You struggle to do that, dream of it, work on it, postpone your life to be lived when you out there in the big world with endless possibilities. You are so sure you are gonna be good there, great there that it will solve all your problems, overcome all your faults, banish your ghosts….you just have to reach there….
And then you are there…and you realize its nothing…hollow, empty a unfounded dream and expanded fantasy. Of course you can be something different…but it Is never what you felt it was or dreamt of..There is trouble…jealous and whole different ghosts.
The old roads and haunts seem so good….you realize you will never have it as good as it was back in the cocoon…the home the heaven....all is where you had your childhood...where you grew up…where you were what you were. And you wanna go back…you wanna feel warm safe and good. Life will never be as good as that and it hurts to leave it. But you realize you have come too far...changed too much…sacrificed a lot…burnt al the old bridges which will phase you back to where you were….its to late….you have chosen….and the only thing to do Is remember the reason you chose this and follow it…..."


  1. those old roads are like string of memories ... it takes yrs to come back to those path n those all memories come as alive as ever .. nice read !! thanks