Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chaat n stuff...

...been aborad for 2 months now...and i may not miss my parents, home or friends as much as I miss that tangy,sharp, crispy, spicy, piquant chaat !!

So tried this recipe out:

Crushed tortilla chips
Crushed rice flake chips
Cut tomatoes, onion
Boiled and mashed potatoes
Sprinkle of Panipuri /chaat masala
Cut lemon slices

It works...kinda...


  1. Thanks Dhruva for the CHAT! I was tempted with the mouth watering preparation developed by you.
    I have tried it.insted of tortilla I have used specially dried chapaties.As I unticipated it worked well.
    Me my family members along with our our friends enjoyed it very much.
    your "Aba"

  2. @ Manohar Panat (Aba)

    Thanks a lot Aba...please sent me your chaat party photos too :)

    Love Dhruva